Our Projects

Rotary Club of Mabalacat has conducted several programs to help every Filipino individual who need it the most. Taking action and making a difference together has always been easier with Rotary Club of Mabalacat. Stay connected and reach out to everycommunity by providing a service with a heart.

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As a way to promote livelihood, it is our aim to help every Filipino individual to learn and gain skills in order to help them establish their career. At Mabalacat Skills Training Center, we offer Automotive Servicing and Industrial Sewing Training.

Following the safety protocols, our Automotive Servicing Training is ready to give free lessons and actual tutorials on the essentials to become more knowledgeable in the process, repair, and proper handling of car equipment. Automotive Servicing Courses are funded by Global Grant 2091904 with Rotary Club of Masan-Gagopa, District 3722, Korea.

Meanwhile, our Industrial Sewing Training teaches its beneficiary to master the craft of attaching objects using stitches made with a needle and thread. Learn to become more creative and resourceful This training is funded by Global Grant 2091904 with Rotary Club of Masan-Gagopa, District 3722, Korea. Graduates are hired by L&T Clark, a garment export manufacturer

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Free medical surgery on children with harelip/cleft lip, imperforate anus, hydrocephalus, and congenital heart diseases are made possible through global grants.


Aside from this, free eye-check up, operations for patients with Cataract, Pterygium, and Glaucoma are being assisted by the organization at Kapampangan Development FOundation


Funded by Global Grant 1979545 with Rotary Club of Namwon Yongseong D3722 Korea, the ambulance brings patients, medical supplies, and volunteers to their designation.

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